IWIC Book Review of Alexandria – The Sword of Agrippa (Book 2)



We had the opportunity to read the first book in this series, Antioch. Our review of the book can be seen here.

Book 2, Alexandria – in the Sword of Agrippa series, is excellent. This is a series you must read from the beginning, and unfortunately, in doing so, you will be hooked and will be prison-bound as you wait until the author comes out with the next in this series.

Alexandria carries on with the theme from Book 1, and we find ourselves in ancient Egypt, with Cleopatra, Caesar and Agrippa – the young Roman who is introduced to an amazing world of antiquity and paranormal reality by his newfound love – a quasi-slave and yet half-sister to Cleopatra herself. The story switches to the near future, in our own contemporary times, where a group of scientists are developing a new source of energy and who, as a result of their research, have tripped across and opened a door into the human mind, or soul, revealing that dreams are, in part, a construct of experiences and past-lives we have lived. The characters are interwoven, between ancient Egypt and the contemporary, near-future, Earth. It is a fascinating interplay between past and present, showing, all-too-realistically that past-lives are quite possibly more about reality and truth than paranormal assertions. The descriptive language about ancient Egypt not only brings to life this amazing culture, but it suggests that man was far more spiritual and developed in “ancient” times than modern authorities seem to grant. The dialogue between the contemporary scientists, as they consider not only the technological aspects of their research, but the moral inequities of reading people’s dreams, presents an interesting insight into what we might have to face when technology eventually catches up with this concept. All in all, a five star read, highly entertaining, and as we said, a mystery-sandwich that holds the reader captive until the next book.


Official book release 15 March 2017.  Pre-order your copy at AMAZON.COM