The Author Spotlight on Joe Kilgore author of “A Farmhouse in the Rain”.

IWIC: Tell us about yourself …
Joe: My name is Joe Kilgore. I live and write in Austin, Texas. I had a long and successful career in advertising where I wrote television and radio commercials, magazine and newspaper ads, outdoor and Internet advertising for some of the world’s largest corporations.

I turned from advertising to fiction (which some caustically assume is one and the same) and began writing short stories. Over twenty of my short stories have appeared in magazines, creative journals, anthologies, and online literary publications. I’m also the author of four published novels: The Blunder, The Golden Dancer, Sin and Sombreros, and A Farmhouse In The Rain.

IWIC: What prompted you to become a writer?
Joe: I was an English Literature major in college and have always enjoyed reading and writing. So I was thrilled to learn I could actually make a living at it. The writers who inspired me were many. Here are a few: Graham Greene, Cormac McCarthy, Pete Dexter, Raymond Chandler, Malcolm Lowry.

IWIC: What do readers like about your writing?
Joe: From reviews, I have found that readers seem to enjoy both the stories I tell and the style in which I tell them. Of course, that varies greatly by individual preference.


IWIC: Is there a message weaved into your writing?
Joe: I don’t think there is any particular message in my writing. Though in one way or or another, they all seem to revolve around fate, and the question of whether or not we are the masters of it, or slaves to its inevitability.

IWIC: Is there anything you are trying to inspire in others?
Joe: If I’m able to inspire anything in anyone, I would hope it would be a love for the written word and it’s ability to move us all both intellectually and emotionally.

IWIC: Tell us about your most recent book?
Joe: My most recent book is A Farmhouse In The Rain. It’s a novel that takes place during and after World War II. I wrote it because I wanted to honor those whose lives were changed forever by that monumental conflict. And because, in one way or another, it seemed to be a microcosm for the best and the worst of humanity.


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