Book review of The Posse – An anthology of historical western romances


The Posse, An Anthology of Historical Western Romances, by seven authentic western writers, is a romping wild ride into the wide open ranges of America’s west – filled with thrills and romance. Each of the stories in this anthology capture the essence of life back in the wild, as yet, untamed west. The Posse embraces the history of this rugged land and the lifestyle lived, the spirit and courage of the people who tamed its vast ranges, as well as the beauty and color of the flora, the wildlife and the sheer expanse, and even brutality, of its mountain ranges, arroyos and endless desert patches, all of which whisk the reader off to another world. Each of the eight short stories in this book is unique. In true western style, they pit good versus bad, but they also remind us that this was a challenging frontier and age, and that death was just a gunshot away. The qualities and merits of virtue, nobility, principle and a man’s word are weaved throughout these stories – reminding us that civility and the essence of who we are as people played an important formative role during these rugged times. Pick up the book, read a story a night, and be entertained by great western storytellers, people who know these lands, whose very lineage springs from the great western frontier and who lived to tell the tale. If you like classic westerns with an historical and romantic touch, The Posse is the book for you.

For details on the release date, please go to BOOK LAUNCH

Book Review by International Writers Inspiring Change



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