Book review of Fearne Fairy and The Landing Lesson by Sarah Hill



Fearne Fairy and The Landing Lesson, by Sarah Hill, is a wonderful and light-hearted story, filled with visions of a fantasy world. Children will love this story, and no doubt, all the books in The Whimsy Wood Series, of which this one is number 10 in the series.  In this story Fearne Fairy, a magical fairy who lives among the birds, bugs and creatures of the forest, has a problem. Like all fairies she can fly, but for whatever reason her attempts to land as gracefully as she can fly are not so successful. With the help of her closest friend, Mustard the caterpillar, they set off on an adventure to find someone who can help her. This is a fun story, filled with colorful and uplifting illustrations which depict their short adventure and those they meet along the way. A simple yet inspiring tale that ignites the imagination. We gave it FIVE stars!

Book review by International Writers Inspiring Change



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