Book review of The Ant that found God – A fable of self-discovery





The Ant that found God, by Zubin Mathai, is a beautiful piece of writing. It is a simple story about a worker ant who strikes out from the colony in search of something more. Driven by a compulsion to follow pink petals which appear and float off on the currents of winds, the ant finds herself engaging new friends, and enemies in this daring and courageous expedition to find out where these beautiful petals are heading. The parallels to the lives we lead as humans, are obvious, and the transcendent message that peace and happiness are to be found in the moment and not in possessions or wealth, leaves the reader feeling good. Moreover, as much as one might think that the story of an ant would be a child’s book, The Ant that found God is far more relevant and applicable to the adult reader because it makes one reflect on life and what is important about it and what it is we are hoping to achieve in the pursuit of that flighty, often ethereal thing called happiness. The author does a brilliant job of taking us into a world as seen from the perspective of ants and beetles and wasps and spiders, and creating another dimension which we rarely ever think about and yet which is all around us. This is not a placid story. It is filled with thrills, adventures, danger, conflict and even death – on a level we never think about. I dare say, after having read this book, that I would not willingly ever step on an ant again. The Ant that found God is an inspiring story that touches the soul and reminds us that in spite of everything we think is important about life and the goals we strive to achieve, that the real joy of living exists within us already – from the day we are born to the day we die.

Book Review by International Writers Inspiring Change