Book launch of The Ant that found God by Zubin Mathai



A worker ant moves dirt and lifts leaves, day after day. Her sisters tease her for being small and an absent-minded dreamer, but she focuses on her tasks. One morning she sees a pink petal let loose on the winds, and thinks she hears it whisper a beckoning call.

When disaster strikes her colony, she has no choice but to set out into the deepest and most unknown parts of nature. Lost and scared, unsure where to turn, she decides to seek out that curiously fleeting petal. On her adventure she will find friends, enemies, the wonders of nature, and perhaps she might even stumble across the biggest mystery of them all.

The only thing certain is that her life will be changed forever.


Win a free copy of the eBook of The Ant that found God. Go HERE to sign-up! Ten (10) copies available now!



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