Book review of Extinguishing the Light by B. Alan Bourgeois




Extinguishing the Light by author  B. Alan Bourgeois, is a dramatic rendering which takes a very unusual turn. The book starts out with a pastoral and mild scenario, depicting the life of the main character, JC, and suddenly, without warning, a brutal crime changes everything, landing him in prison for a crime he did not commit. We soon discover that JC is not only a spiritually-minded man, but one with a special connection to God. JC sees life, not with pain or suffering, but hope and conviction that everything that is happening to him, and others around him, is part of God’s plan. The characters who find themselves falling in with this seemingly unusual man, soon discover there is more to life than the rituals and gang violence they have known inside the prison walls, and JC not only develops a following but becomes a leader in his own right, threatening the hidden and corrupt agendas of the prison Warden and his gang of thugs. JC, as a character, could be likened to the biblical figure, Jesus Christ, and there is no doubt that the author intended this to be the case. In fact, the characters who surround JC in this story go by such names as Mary and Peter – another allusion to the biblical apostles who stood by Christ’s side. Our only criticism which prevented this book from being a four star, was the redundancy of dialogue or explanation where the author explains things in great detail which tended to rob the reader of his or her licence to imagine and fit the circumstances in their minds as they saw it happening. This made it a bit difficult to identify with the characters at times. Other than that, the concept and the story-line keep one going to the end to discover the fate of JC himself. This is a dark drama with a strong message about hope and the transcendent spirit of man.

Book Review by International Writers Inspiring Change




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