IWIC Hall of Fame spotlight on Cynthia L. De Boer author of Me Myself and Eye


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This week we feature Cynthia L. De Boer in our Hall Fame. De Boer recently published her book, Me Myself and Eye. We featured Cynthia in our Author Spotlight, and we reviewed her book too, which you can see here. As you will see she is not stopping there – she’s continuing to inspire others.


Tell us what you’re doing to inspire change…

 So far I have sent out 171 of my books free of charge to ocularists around the country.  I have reached out to surgeons here in the valley and donated copies to their offices and sent out over 35 letters to ocularists in Canada.  I’ve donated my book to two of the local libraries and a senior center and intend on continuing those efforts.  I have also donated several books to individuals in my situation and spent hours conversing over the phone with readers wanting to discuss their personal experiences or just connect with someone like them.  It’s such a comfort to know you are not alone.
I also dedicated over three months of work to get an article titled “Can You See The Difference?” published on November 7, 2016 in the ‘Health Section’ of the Review Journal Newspaper.  My book, two ocularists and a local surgeon were featured in that article.  It was an informational piece which helped to bring awareness to this subject.
Currently, I’m working on a speaking platform so I may connect with others, one on one.   A radio and TV spot are in the works, as well as two book talks, highlighting this issue.  According to ‘The Society for the Prevention of Blindness” between ten and twelve thousand people lose an eye in the US annually.  Obviously the need for this information is vital.
The journey from writing to publication was a long one, taking me well out of my comfort zone.  Sharing this condition and openly speaking about it has been difficult for me.  I never wanted anyone to know of my condition for fear of how it might change their opinion of me from a whole and capable person to someone less than whole.  Since the book launch in June of 2016 I have worked to understand and become part of social media sites, worked to accomplished the above mentioned tasks and will continue to expand my avenues of sharing this important and uncommonly found information.


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