Book review of Me Myself and Eye by Cynthia L. De Boer



Me Myself and Eye, by Cynthia L. De Boer is a biographical and factual account of the author’s journey from a young age, through a difficult and challenging medical condition with one eye – where ultimately she had to have the eye removed and replaced with a prosthesis. One would think that the read would be uncomfortable and difficult, and of course, in some parts it is not palatable to the mind, but overall, it is not. What makes this book particularly special and important is that it takes a subject, sight, and puts it into the spotlight and makes it very real to the reader just how important our eyes are to everything in our life. De Boer does a good job of presenting a very difficult and somewhat traumatizing subject matter, and while the narrative walks us through her own journey, the real focus and value of this book is the tremendous amount of facts and information which the author provides about eyesight, ocular diseases, issues and of course prostheses. One cannot help but achieve a higher awareness, understanding, and indeed, appreciation of these two parts of us which bring the whole world to life. And of course, as the reader, if one has any eyesight issues, then this book is an excellent and easy manual, written in laymen’s terms, with references and advice which anyone can use. It is not a medical text, but it is certainly a valuable ally to have in one’s library, because with age comes eyesight issues and it is good to understand and to know what one is dealing with. The book also shows us that in the past five decades or so, medical science has learned a lot and refined this field considerably, so it is a hopeful sign for anyone who might have to walk this road, and one can find some solace in her book that one is not alone in this journey.

Book review by International Writers Inspiring Change



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