The Author spotlight on Charles Wiltshire author of “Buckland Gap”.



My name is Charles Wiltshire and I hail from Hampshire in England. My work
experience is based around the IT industry but in my heart I have always
wanted to be full time Author. I love creating stories and building
fiction worlds. My other loves in life are cooking, running and
What prompted you to become a writer? 
I have been reading novels since a very early age. In my younger days it
was mainly science fiction but as I matured my scope of reading spread
into most genres, now I will read anything as long as the story is
What do readers like about your writing?
That is hard to say, this is my first book and it was only released just
over a month ago, so time will tell on this question.
Is there a message weaved into your writing?
There is a message in Buckland Gap. The message is that no matter how
clever or untouchable you may think you are eventually we all get what we
What is it that you want to inspire in others or change in the world
through your writing?
I want to inspire in all the belief that ultimately good will prevail over
evil and we can all change for the better. Also it is never too late to
change one’s direction.

Tell us about your most recent book and why you wrote it?
So my latest book, which is also my first, is entitled Buckland Gap. This book is a gritty and violent story of a young man who is trapped in a world of poverty, anger and despair. With little prospects for the future he decides it is time to try and improve his life and financial situation. David is a man with no formal academic or work related qualifications therefore his only way of improving his lot is through crime.This book has an importance and relevance in today’s society because there are many potential David’s in the cities of England. These young men are angry, confused and trapped in a spiral of no hope and deprivation as they
feel increasingly isolated and ignored by society. While many of these problems are of their own doing and the upbringing they were subjected to, they often blame everyone else but themselves or their immediate families.The story itself is set around a short period in the protagonist’s life during which he tries to reach out into a dangerous but potentially lucrative market and then his whole world comes crashing down around him.