IWIC Book launch spotlight on THE FIFTH BATTALION by Michael Priv – coming soon!



The Fifth Battalion by Michael Priv, is a Sci-Fi Thriller, a dynamic “escape from Earth”, a story about a gunnery sergeant of an ancient failed invasion of Earth, currently eking out a living as a lab technician in San Francisco. A very long time ago, Baltizor invaders attempted to seize Earth, unaware of their arch-enemy which was already using this remote planet as a prison facility for their most incorrigible criminals, serving the “forever dead” sentence. As a part of their sentence, the prisoners of Earth had been brutally stripped of any awareness of their immortal spiritual nature. The convicts consider themselves “one-life” animals, who die forever with every successive reincarnation. However, unlike the convicts of Earth, the fallen officers and crew of the invading force retained their memory and awareness of who they are, having never been sentenced and having avoided the original brainwashing treatment. The POWs have been unsuccessfully attempting to escape from Earth for millennia.

The Fifth Battalion cover image

The Fifth Battalion is a dynamic and intense, sometimes gory, often humorous, action-filled account of the final escape-attempt from Earth, where Norman, the eternal soldier, whom we originally find depressed, irresponsible and self-absorbed, unexpectedly plays a major role. The Fifth Battalion is a beautiful story of an eternal love affair that defies time and space; it is a study of valor and true duty, friendship and loyalty, love and sex, justice and punishment, power and greed and many other things, but first and foremost it is an intense action thriller with strong sci-fi undertones.

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