Book review of Tethered Angel … “A captivatingly beautiful story…”



Tethered Angel, by T.M. Brown, is a captivatingly beautiful story, one that captures the reader like a gentle wind and takes them on a journey which must be seen to its end.

Set in the 1950’s and the burgeoning sixties, Tethered Angel follows Angel, the center of this story, an African-American teenage girl who is struggling to find her identity in a culture which is quickly changing, during an era of racism against blacks and the growing equal-rights movement under the leadership of Martin Luther King. Angel finds herself drawn away from her impoverished lifestyle by the taunts and serpentine appeals offered to her by a rich white woman. The woman convinces Angel, more by force than by reason, to travel with her to Europe, to see the world, leaving her mother behind with just a note. The story which ensues embraces the world of a young black girl at a time when racism is still pungent and violent, where people like her are treated as second-rate human beings, and where she learns to discover her strengths. Throughout the story, Angel converses with those she has lost, the dead, but her visitations from the lost and gone are more like guiding spirits, helping her through difficult times. As she grows and as her independent mind sees another road leading away from a world of bigotry and hate, Angel decides she must make it back to her mother, even years later, in spite of her new state of slavery to the rich white woman. The question is how?  This is a story about courage, values, belief in oneself, and the persistence often necessary in life to climb one’s mountain. A very good read. We gave it four stars!

Book review by International Writers Inspiring Change




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