IWIC Hall of Fame spotlight on Loretta Napoleoni author of The Islamist Phoenix


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At International Writers Inspiring Change, we are constantly on the look-out for authors who are inspiring the world, who are changing it for the better and who are pushing the boundaries, the very paradigms which define our culture and our existence.

Today we spotlight Loretta Napoleoni, author of The Islamist Phoenix.  We reviewed her book some time ago, which you can see at our BOOK REVIEWS page at www.writersinspiringchange.com but her more recent activities caught our eye once again, making her certainly worthy of further mention.


We had the opportunity to hear Loretta speaking during an international book fair in Sweden last year. She spoke candidly and forthrightly about ISIS and the terrorism stemming from that region of the world. Her dialogue, however, did not espouse the usual diatribe we hear venting from the media about the terrorists in Syria and Iraq. Instead, she spoke of the backstory, why ISIS exists and how the West contributed to the creation of the very terrorism which it now fears and fights at great cost and tremendous loss of life on many fronts.

Napoleoni and her book, The Islamist Phoenix, became the focus of much media in Scandinavia, at the very least. More recently, she appeared on one of the most popular talk shows, not only in Scandinavia, but now across the world, entitled Skavlan. There she spoke in a manner which probably made some politicians cringe, but nonetheless, her words rang with such truth that there can be little doubt that this author and her book are causing waves in many circles.

Loretta Napoleoni is an example of an author, who, by the nature of her work, is inspiring people, causing change, bringing about increased awareness about the truth behind terrorism and the true nature of the beast that helped to bring it into existence.

We highly recommend her book if you want to know the truth behind terrorism and why ISIS not only exists but what it’s strategic goals are and why.


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