Book Review of DANCING WITH THE DEAD by Charles Freedom Long “Inextricably catches the reader in its wave…”



Dancing with the Dead by Charles Freedom Long is both a science fiction thriller and a spiritual journey. The narrative would make a good film rendering. The story takes us into the near future, although not too distant, when the moon is colonized and mankind is stretching its presence to other worlds. The reader is quickly introduced to new races of aliens, the diplomatic interrelationships which exist and the delicate and tenuous balance as these races see man as rather visceral, uncultured, warlike and difficult to predict – if only tolerable. The complexity and interaction between human beings and the wraithlike Nords, the bombastic and militaristic Kriegs, and the intoxicatingly beautiful and sensuous Antals, women of such perfection that few can resist their allure, makes this a very interesting read. The story revolves around a terrorist-plot, one which would inevitably pitch humanity at war with other races of aliens who already view human beings with distinct distrust. There is a touching interracial love story weaved into this book, one which reminds us that the power of love supersedes all else.  Moreover, there is a very pervasive message in Dancing with the Dead – one which paints a deep and eternal picture of our spiritual essence. The author tactfully weaves this message into the fabric of the book while keeping it an edgy thriller. The writing is clear and colorful, the dialogues are engaging, and overall, the pace and rhythm of the book builds up, inextricably catching the reader in its momentum, like the leading wave of a tsunami.