Book Prelaunch Spotlight on STILL STANDING by Thobias Oscarsson



At the age of twenty-one, Thobias Oscarsson invested all the cash he had in his pocket and bought his first business, a convenience store. Within three years, having branched out into more business concepts, he was a multi-millionaire with several successful business platforms and a winning formula as an entrepreneur. His rocket-ride to the top soon became a plunge to financial and personal disaster. Why and how did this truly successful entrepreneur crash from glory and end up living in a warehouse? This is a true story about riches to rags and then having to stand up again. A story that spans sixteen years and is filled with insights and principles of how to do business, as well as a compelling narrative about the pains one will suffer by taking the wrong roads. This captivating biographical account will not only entertain and shock you, but if you are a business person or entrepreneur, or plan to be one, this book is a must for your reading list.

Release date: 2017

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