Book Review of The Consumption Cleanse by Michael Blue “Should be required reading for parents and kids alike.”



The Consumption Cleanse, by author Michael Blue, is a well-prepared presentation, written in laymen terms, which walks the reader through the pitfalls of our cultural gluttony. The writing, while poignant and factual, is laced with humor and perspectives which make it a very interesting read. That said, the message of this book is intensely important. Michael Blue lays bare the truth about sugar and how the big Food Corps are using it to destroy our health. He covers the facts about food additives, bleached wheat, GMOs and a number of other subjects which the consumer, US, should be aware of, but which the marketing and advertising campaigns and the machinations of the BFCs (Big Food Corporations) are determined to hide from view. Most alarming is his revelation of research which shows that our dietary declination to poorer quality foods over recent decades, has the potential of creating a new generation of unborn children, who are addicts to this “food” – much the same as a child born to an addicted heroine addict or alcoholic can become inclined to the same symptoms of addiction. This quotation from the book sums it up very well:
“By disguising and selling addictive, low quality and disease-promoting products, Big Food has achieved the unthinkable, to create a dedicated army of health-compromised addicted fans whose cognitive, biochemical and even genetic potential to break free of their addiction is hijacked before birth.”
Highly recommended for parents and kids alike. This book should be provided as a manual in school to teach kids about real health.