Book Review of No Child Left Behind by Claudia Casser “A fulfilling read, extravagant and will hold you to the end.”



No Child Left Behind by Claudia Casser is an entertaining read. The story, quite a mega-tale in size and scope, stretches between scifi, fantasy and dystopia. It revolves around a teenage boy, Geoff, who, because of his mother, an attorney who takes on a very unusual client, suddenly finds himself cast into a bizarre world and culture, parallel in many respects to Earth, but one where its denizens are capable of “fulgurating”, meaning, they can read one another’s thoughts and moreover, and far more fascinating, is the fact that they can imbue one another with compelling telepathic mandates. The story presents an interesting struggle, told mostly from the viewpoint of Geoff, and also from one of the Lords who has come to Earth through a portal, and who has a mission of his own and one which Geoff becomes inextricably entwined to the very end. The writing is colorful and vivid, with concepts that stretch the mind and push the envelope. There are times when the dialogues seem to go on beyond need, but one is rewarded in the end with a depth of understanding and an appreciation of the differences which exist, culturally-speaking, between the Natives (Earthlings) and those who have come from its parallel world – well, more or less parallel – but no spoilers. There are several poignant messages weaved into the narrative – the insanity of war, which exists in the parallel world, being one, showing that conflict between species of the same world seems to be a sickness which afflicts more than mankind. Beyond that, it is a fulfilling read, extravagant and it will hold you to the end.



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