We offer so much more than a tweet!


At IWIC, International Writers Inspiring Change, our mission is to put inspiring authors, new, aspiring or even the veterans, in the spotlight, focusing on them, as the author and their message or inspiration which is weaved into their works. Naturally, we talk about their books and we feature those too, but the essence of what we are and do is to shine a light on the inspiration behind the pen. We love a good story. We love to feature authors who climbed mountains, or overcame personal circumstances, or who want to change or inspire or imbue the world through writing. It doesn’t matter to us if you write fiction, non-fiction, western, romance, thrillers, crime, fantasy or the like – the book is a vehicle, the story is the tapestry, but the weave and thread, in our experience, always carries a message of some kind. Whether it is good versus evil, love triumphing over hate, the undying soul, dreams transcending mediocrity, our Author Spotlight service, which includes a free book review from our panel of avid readers, shines the light on YOUR message. When we ask authors to tell us what inspiration they have weaved into their works, the answers are quite astounding. One discovers that a fictional novel about some fantasy figure, is the avatar for the best of humanity, the qualities which we aspire to live up to – like we said, INSPIRATION.


We don’t tweet your name to death. We feature you in our on-line IWIC Magazine, on our website and through our social media channels, but we keep it at even keel so that you don’t become just another tweet in the sea of such.

Every year we will bestow THE MOST INSPIRING AUTHOR AWARD to the author of every literary genre, from around the globe. We’ve seen some pretty inspirational stuff so far and we look forward to seeing a lot more so that our panel of judges have to burn the midnight oil trying to pick what they think is the most inspiring. A tough job amidst the incredible authors we have had the honor to collaborate with so far.

Check out our service. You won’t be disappointed. www.writersinspiringchange.com