What is YOUR goal as a writer?


This is an important question to ask oneself or at least, to remind oneself of as a writer. If you are writing to make money or accomplish fame, you might be successful at accomplishing one or both, but I propose another perspective which possibly supersedes those.

Look back at the writers who inspired you in your life, as a child, a teen or in your adult years? Was that author famous or rich? Did it matter to you? Does it even matter now? Would their words mean more to you now if you knew they were famous?

Of the books which I can recall having read, long before I became an author, the ones which shaped my life and inspired me were written by authors I had never heard of before and whom I had no idea about. What mattered to me was the impact their words left on me, what they imbued me with and how they shaped my life then and in the years that followed.


The point is that we remember words which touched our souls because they touched our souls.

Martin Luther King said four words which resounded throughout a nation and changed an entire culture; “I have a dream.”

Richard Bach, in his book Illusions said, “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours,” words which had spiritual and philosophical impact on possibly millions of people.

It is a question of meaningfulness. The words you pen, the stories you spin, the tales you tell, fictional or not, will reverberate down the alleyways of time and your voice will continue to resonate for time immemorial. That is what really counts in the end. The changes you make, the souls you inspire, the future you help to mold.


At IWIC, International Writers Inspiring Change, we pride ourselves in our mission to spotlight the inspiration and message which authors have weaved into their books – their message to the world.

We recognize the importance of authors, and we don’t claim that our service will vault them to the top sellers ranking – but we do promise to put their message, their inspiration, what they are trying to imbue the world with or change in the world, into the spotlight. And of course we want great success for all authors – but with the above in mind, isn’t it great to know that your words can rumble down the roads of time, igniting souls for years to come?

To show our appreciation of authors, every year, IWIC will bestow the MOST INSPIRING AUTHOR AWARD to authors of every literary genre, from around the world. It may not be the Nobel prize, but it will be an honored recognition.


A message from the Founder of IWIC


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