Book Review of THE OARSMAN by Zubin Mathai “A wonderfully inspiring read…”




The Oarsman, by Zubin Mathai, is a wonderfully inspiring read, undoubtedly one of the more beautifully penned literary works. Like the famous, Alchemist, which this book parallels in style, The Oarsman is eloquently written, with a river of imagery and metaphors. It is a book which transcends the world of pure humanity, by showing us that there is a collective force, empowered by love and our innermost spiritual essence, which is far more relevant and eternal, than all the world around us. To get a sense of the nature of the writing, here are a couple lines: “The clouds were puffy like sheep, the trees waved hellos, and the sky pulsed a heartbeat of blue.” and “How beautiful…that innocence and love could paint a world more real than any brush against canvas.” The story line follows the Old Man, the main character, as he searches out his life for reconciliation, a man who is seeking final peace, and who discovers, with the help of the Oarsman, an intriguing and adventure-filled world of his own past. Highly recommended. A book which reminds us of inner peace and beauty which transcends everything.