What profession weaves the tapestry of humanity’s visions and collective aspirations?



Have you ever noticed that in our intensely commercialized world, there seems to be very little emphasis on selling dreams? Commercialism is largely weighted to selling smart phones, cars, houses, clothing, a myriad of items, which are possibly a part of dreams, but are by no means the quintessential passions which we hold closest to our hearts and souls. Those magical visions of true love, heroism, overcoming our greatest odds, challenging the obstacles to climb our own mountains, those which beckon us and intimidate us, who sells those?

There is one profession which sells dreams of every sort and type, the most unimaginably incredible, far-fetched, impossible dreams. These people conjure up images in our minds, they taunt us with words, they torment us with visions of things and people and places and they torture us with our most deeply held fears. They remind us that no dream is impossible, and they invite us to step into worlds where anything can happen.


They are the Authors.

Today, the art of door-to-door salesmanship is a dwindling one in a commercial sense. But in the literary world, where more and more amazing and inspiring authors are showing up every year, many of them self-published, but no less talented or eloquent in their works than those represented by major publishing houses, the art of selling dreams is at its highest and it is rising.

Never in the history of our world, in the millennia of time, have there been so many incredible voices and artists who weave words and punctuation and grammatical protocol into rivers of pure gold, skies of depth-less blue and endless fields of flowers and colors.

Authors are today one of the greatest forces for change and inspiration in our world, because they weave scenarios, possible futures, tauntingly potential realities, all waved in front of our eyes, like succulent chocolate waiting to be consumed by our minds so that we can be transported to worlds that only the imagination, the inner-most dreamer inside of us, can truly appreciate.

No matter the subject of their writing, every author adds value to the future, helping to spin the yarns, the fiction, the non-fiction, the countless millions of threads which form the tapestry of humanity’s visions, our collective aspirations, our future.

What is fiction today, is tomorrow’s reality – and it is our goal to help authors to keep inspiring others through their works.

So when they, the author, come knocking on your door, courageously open it and be prepared to step onto roads which taunt and challenge you and maybe even sing to your very soul.


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