Book Review of The Power of Gratitude by Lamees Alhassar … “A feel-good read that will touch you in a deeper place.”



The 514y2xffrfl-_sx350_bo1204203200_Power of Gratitude by author Lamees Alhassar is one of those books that strikes a chord of truth. It is a simple but evenly tendered presentation about the importance of gratitude and the massive role it plays in our lives. It is neither religious nor scientific in its approach, but rather, the author draws on the wisdom and examples of people through history, who have demonstrated the importance of this facet of our innate selves.As the author correctly points out, in this day and age of fast-paced living, where we have literally everything at our finger tips, where the attitude is more less one of entitlement, and where culturally-speaking it is easy to forget about the intrinsic values of life between work, play, smart phones and Netflix, Lamees reminds us in small ways, why we must not lose touch with our very inner self. As with many philosophical and spiritual writers before her, she reminds us of the most important thing in life which is finding its true meaning and our true selves, and not how much money, or cars, houses or the the like, we accumulate. This book is a simple manual about how to live life without any strict rules or religious regimens attached to the principle she writes about – just simply, appreciate life and those around you. A feel-good read that will touch you in a deeper place.