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At IWIC, International Writers Inspiring Change, we have a mission. We want to expose inspiring authors and books. We know the game. We are authors too. We know what it feels like to spend countless weeks or months, or more, spinning the stories, living inside the world of your imagination and enticing your world out onto paper where others can enjoy it. We know the sacrifices, the long nights, the countless edits, and so we provide a simple but effective service to help you shine even more. There is no dirth of readers in the world, but to our way of seeing it, there needs to be more exposure of good authors and great works. We want to promote reading, literacy and more engagement and support of writers everywhere. And moreover, we want the voice of authors to be heard, because in the weave of their works is inspiration for new horizons, more humanity, more peace and change for a better world. At IWIC we provide personalized author interviews and professional book reviews. Check out our great offers.