Book Review of TRAVEL AS TRANSFORMATION … “A complete surprise package…”



TRAVEL AS TRANSFORMATION by Gregory V. Diehl is a complete surprise package – a dark horse in the race. The book relates a fascinating narrative about the road to philosophical and spiritual self-discovery, one which every human being can experience, and really should, because this perspective is not one being taught in conventional schools or by society at large. Diehl depicts his observations and insights through the portal of his decade of travelling the world, to lands far and wide, and his existential insights are brilliant and fundamental and pervasive. One cannot help but relate to them and to start looking at one’s own life in terms of how much more one can do. Well-written, Diehl convincingly shows that by casting off the shackles of cultural mediocrity, which we have grown up with from a very young age, we can achieve so much more in our lives. This quotation from the book sums it up quite nicely: “The world at first rejects whatever does not belong within its molds. But in time, it will respect anyone who stands firm and proud in front of the human race as themselves. It places them into a category unto themselves – a landmark for what people can become. Others will unconsciously emulate you because your existence shows them new limits to what is possible.”



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