Welcome to iWIC – international Writers Inspiring Change


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iWIC – international Writers Inspiring Change, was born from a need and for a cause. There are tens of thousands of new books and many new authors showing up every year. And with self-publishing forums, it has never been easier to accomplish the dream of becoming a published author. The old picture of a handful of established publishing houses and the tiny portal available to just a handful of authors who got accepted by them, is not the contemporary one. There are so many talented authors today, so many incredibly inspiring works, that we decided to provide a special platform for authors from around the globe, where they could talk about their story, the backstory and what it is they are trying to inspire or change in the world. We want to personalize the process and give you, the author, a greater voice.

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, romance, science fiction, crime thrillers – whatever, there is little doubt that the thread of the weave is salted with your own personal experiences in life, your own inspirations, dreams and beliefs, and even the traumas and hardships and loves you may have experienced, all of which have influenced the matrix of the writing which you spent countless hours spinning-out for the world.

Your story and your inspiration is important too – and by telling it to the world, it helps to complete the picture.


At iWIC, we want to help you tell that story and to shine even more in a very competitive and growing market place. We know what writing is all about – our team not only provides you with personalized interviews about you and your work, but because we too are writers, or avid readers in some cases, we also provide professional reviews of your works. And every author understands the value of good reviews in helping to spark interest in the readership.

Oh, and let’s not forget, each year we award The Most Inspiring Writer Award to the authors/writers in each genre, in both fiction and non-fiction. It might not be the Nobel Prize, but you can proudly display it on your wall.

Scroll through our blog, and visit us at our website starting Monday 21 Nov 2016 on its official launch date, at http://www.writersinspiringchange.com and see how, for a very small fee, we can help make you shine even more.