The Islamist Phoenix is a must read – in fact, educationally speaking, to get a correct perspective and understanding of this particular side of the Islamic world, the IS (ISIS) and other groups leveraging terrorism as a means to an end, this book is an essential read. Loretta Napoleoni presents a very well-rounded and insightful window into a world that most people probably know very little about except what they hear through the media and the utterances coming out of the White House in America about the “terrorist threat”. Reading The Islamic Phoenix opened my eyes to a much broader scene, and in fact, I found some reckoning with the reality of this particular movement. If one listens to the press one is quite certain that Islamic extremists are a threat to the world – but in reading this book, one comes to gain a different perspective, and more educated view. Napoleoni shows us how the West has effectively helped to stimulate this unrest and the very growth of ISIS, the Islamic State – and she draws the threads so clearly that one feels a new depth of understanding and appreciation for what is going on in the Middle East, and why. This book should be on every school curriculum so that people get correctly educated on the facts, not the hyperbole. Nonetheless, whether that will actually happen, unlikely considering that the book exposes the real theater in play, it should have a role in properly educating people so that instead of being fearful of terrorism – they understand what is really going on. The importance of spreading a true understanding of the crisis in the Middle East cannot be underestimated, because through greater understanding we can devise real solutions to the conflict, and not the ones currently being engaged by America and its Coalition of forces designed to simply expunge the terrorists. It hasn’t worked so far, and according to all the statistics (millions of displaced people and hundreds of thousands dead), the “democratic” process envisioned by Western intervention into the Middle East is categorically a disaster. Read the book folks – get the real picture about the terrorist issue – not the hype.




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