Book Review of SHADES THE GEHENNA DILEMMA … “Gritty, high-tech, fast-paced – with lots of techno-twists and turns.”



Shades is a fascinating read. It is high-tech, presenting a cultural evolution in technology, much of which I am certain is just ahead of the curve of our current technologically-oriented society. The concept of the “Shades” is grisly and gruesome – but it holds up throughout the book. Not to make less of the story, but it would probably make a great video game for xBox and PS4 because of the layers of technological weaves and action built into it. Once you grasp the concept of Shades and the fact that America’s IRS has declined to a whole new low as a government “collection” service – the story takes a major twist and the pace and rhythm suddenly escalates exponentially. The whole message of humanity and the fight to protect the quintessential importance of freedom of the “soul” was well presented (and unexpected). I would recommend the book. Gritty, high-tech, fast-paced read with lots of techno-twists and turns to entertain your mind.