Book Review of CONTRA-ODESSA … “A revealing and intriguing read with an historical spin which is eye-opening.”



CONTRA-ODESSA is an interesting read on several counts. First, it reveals to the reader the hypocrisy of war and ideologies, as the author pulls back the curtain on how former SS and Nazi’s of Hitler’s regime, escaped to Argentina and bought their way into a society which essentially forgave their black-deeds against humanity because they brought considerable funds with them which a cash-strapped Argentina happily accepted. Secondly, it is quite brutal. Markman doesn’t sugar-coat the scenes where former SS are tortured for information and then ruthlessly killed by the Russian spies. It is cold and it is very real. And lastly, the book reads like a documentary, very detailed, very lucid, and very much reflecting the dispassionate and disloyal nature of communists themselves – an “all-for-one” attitude which justifies betraying anyone, friends and lovers, in the pursuit of their objectives. A revealing and intriguing read with an historical spin which is eye-opening.



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