Book Review of THE TRUTH ABOUT FAMILY … “A snap shot into the old world of communist USSR and one boy’s vision.”



The Truth About Family captures the essence of life behind the Iron Curtain, in the old USSR – the forerunner to modern day Russia. It shows the stark reality of young minds growing up in an orphanage under the rule of a Communist manifesto. Young boys and girls who are trying to find a sense of identity and accomplishment while straight-jacketed by communist mediocrity and oppression. It is also a very personalized story about one boy’s search to find his family in the wake of post-World War II era in the USSR. The book conveys a sense of hope – that in spite of the bleakness of the collective communist system – the only real warmth and life which existed at all was the result of individual people who imbued it with such. A simple story and one that shows that with persistence, no goal goes unrewarded.