March 24

IWIC Book review: Quilt of Souls … “a beautiful rendering…”

Quilt of Souls, by Phyllis Lawson, is a beautifully rendered biographical narrative about the true-life experiences of the author, growing up in the deep south, a story about the anchor in her life, her grandma Lula. Much of the story covers the early years growing up with her grandma on a farm, in a pastoral […]

March 22

Book giveaway: A Farmhouse in the Rain “…A story about dreams, love, war and the darker side of human vengeance”

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March 21

Book giveaway: The Soul Mate romance series

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March 21

Book giveaway: 20 copies of The Posse – great western historical romances

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March 20

Book giveaway: The Ant that found God…”A fable of self-discovery…”

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March 19

Book giveaway of Quilt of Souls by Phyllis Lawson

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March 18

IWIC book review of How to Survive a Dead End Job by Wilson Jackson

  How to Survive a Dead End Job, by Wilson Jackson, is a gritty self-help book, one that pulls absolutely no punches and delivers a strong message when it comes to succeeding in the work-place and in a career. Based on his own experience and insights working in jobs, Wilson provides a down-to-earth narrative, sometimes […]

March 18

IWIC book spotlight on Quilt of Souls by Phyllis Lawson – “an historical unveiling of hushed bloodlines…”

  Quilt of Souls is a book the world needs to have. It is more than a personal memoir; it is an historical unveiling of hushed bloodlines and stories of a time and place that got swept under the carpet; powerful, intense, poignant stories that need to be heard. At the age of four years […]

March 17

IWIC spotlight on Phyllis Lawson author of Quilt of Souls

  Phyllis Lawson Ms. Lawson was born in Detroit, Michigan. At the age of four, she was sent to the tiny town of Livingston, Alabama to be raised by her grandmother Lula Horn (1883-1986), who made beautiful quilts out of the clothing of her loved ones. Each strip of fabric tells the story of […]

March 16

Book release of The Posse – 8 historical western romances